At Working Ox Capital, LLC, we are proud to provide innovative finance and leasing options for the machine tool and equipment industry.

Oxen, the first domestic animals that man yoked to work the earth, are muscular, powerful, and determined. They work in pairs, pulling heavy plows in straight lines from sunup to sundown.

Working Ox Capital is the team you can harness to bring your dreams to harvest. We are strong and reliable, and in addition, we work for companies with vision– companies like yours.

Take us on. Let us shoulder you into your future.

Over 75 Years of Combined Professional Experience

We founded Working Ox Capital in 2011. Today, Working Ox continues to serve its customers. Ranging from startups to established metal fabrication companies, we help expand existing operations and help companies satisfy specific client requests. Our lease agreements are flexible, and we give up to 84 months for repay with little or no down payment required. In short, our excellent interest rates are sure to catch your eye, and by applying for small-item financing, you could be approved in 24 hours. Middle and large ticket items require three to five days for approval.